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Discount365_compressedDiscount365 is one and only online marketplace where all sellers come together and bring awesome Discounts and offers in a web platform. We have all type of sellers, Brands, Products and Banks with Discount and offers on our Discount365.lk web and Social media platform to bring daily Discounts and offers in Sri Lanka.

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delta holidays_merge holdings_afz_aqilDelta Holidays satisfied customers all over the globe speaking different languages, and with different travel and tour needs such as Sun & Sand, Adventure, Honeymoon, Sports, Cultural, Eco, Ayurweda etc., is our best assert. Reviews by satisfied customers in our website is proof of our professional ability to deliver. www.deltaholidays.lkBlack-DELTA HOLIDAYS_merge holdings_afz_aqil

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EGS_compressedE-Gift Sender We are new dynamic organization venturing into the new era of connectivity within the concept of “Bringing Families Together”. We would be initially concentrating in meeting prompt wishes and desires of people abroad and locally. we assure you of very prompt personalized services. www.egiftsender.commerge holdings - egiftsender.com_afz_aqil

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H.H._compressedhappyhearts.lk is the most trusted and widely used matrimonial site exclusively for the benefit of the Muslims around the world. For the innumerable Muslim brethren and sisters who are seeking their life partner. happyhearts.lk has made online match making an easy, time-saving and pleasurable experience.

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Edu-Geek_compressedEduGeek is an Education Consultancy established in Malaysia, Sri lanka, Saudi Arabia  and Bangladesh that intends on Guiding and facilitating students with the needful Information to Education Excellence In International Countries.

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anytime care 2020Anytime Care 2020 specialises in the provision of high quality Healthcare Staff to Hospitals (both NHS and Private), HM Prisons, Nursing and Residential Care homes, individuals who require attentive, specialist care in the comfort of their own homes in the London and Essex area.anytimecare_merge holdings_afz_aqil

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leetradingcoWe undertake complete TURNKEY DESIGNING & PLANNING of project such as Hotel Kitchens, Restaurant Kitchens and Bakeries. Preventive Maintenance Programmes, Repair and Maintenance Agreements, Equipment Handling & Maintenance. www.leetradingco.lkleetradingco_Merge Holdings_afz_aqil

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